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Tuga em Londres

A vida de uma Lisboeta recentemente Londrina.

O meu guia de Nova York

A minha viagem para Nova York está quase, quase a chegar! Como ainda não conheço nada da cidade pedi indicações a algumas amigas minhas de locais onde ir e visitar, sem contar com as óbvias atracções turísticas já que isso é fácil de encontrar no guia da cidade.

Ambas foram muito queridas e detalhadas nos locais que me aconselham ir. Acabei de compilar as respostas de ambas o que me deu o seguinte guia que vou aqui copiar para poder também ser útil para outras pessoas que pensem visitar Nova York. Deixei ficar alguns dos comentários delas visto que achei que ajudam a dar uma ideia geral do local. Aqui ficam elas:



  • Walk along the Brooklyn bridge- it's a famous landmark and something worth doing, especially if it's a nice day. When you're doing the Brooklyn Bridge walk, if you're stuck of places to go in Brooklyn, take a look at the Court Street area. It's really pretty. There is a really cool organic shop called Trader Joes that has taken New York by storm here.
    Make sure you visit Canal Street- it's the New York version of China Town and it's huge. If you get off at Grand Street and walk alond and up the road you will see most of the area. It's great for buying imitation stuff and costume jewellery.
  • I recommend a bike ride around Central Park. Take the subway stop to Colombus circle, have lunch in Whole foods which is inside the mall and then cross the road to get into the park. You will see lots of people advertising bike hires. I think we got the price down to $25 dollars for both for an hour. An hour was just about enough time but if you can get it for 2 hrs at a good price, I recommend that instead as you will have time to stop and take in the sights AND have the time to cycle back to the bike shop which may be a considerable distance away from the park. You will need ID for this too.
  • I love the Moma and Natural History Museum. You’ll be close to Central Park, so you’ll definitely have to do a walk through, go around the reservoir, check out the boat house, etc. If you want a great view of the Statue of Liberty without having to pay/wait in line, you can take the Staten Island Ferry which is free and has drinks for purchase on board! You might get stuck talking to someone from Staten Island, but it’s all apart of the experience.


NY areas:

  • Go to Bedford avenue in Williamsburg- I think it's on the L line. Make sure you go to the right part though- there is another Bedford Ave but it's in an Orthodox Jewish area, and I have spent many hours walking around there and wondering what all the fuss was about and searching for 'coolness'!
    In this area you will find plenty of good restaurants and cafes.
  • Go the MeatPacking district- it's excellent if you want a night out but make sure you arrive after 11pm and always take ID with you.
  • Have a look around SOHO and the lower east side- if you get off at Delancey, there are lots of retro bars and if you get off at Broadway-lafayette (I think I've spelt it incorrectly?!) you will be in soho.
  • Most of the clubs are in Chelsea or Meat Packing district. It would probably be fun for you guys to get all fancy pants and go to The Standard or Hotel Gansevoort one night.


Breakfast/Brunch places:

  • Find The City Bakery and have a hot chocolate there- they are to die for!- closest Subway stop is Union Sq: 3 West 18th Street
  • If you want to have a boozy brunch one day, here are some suggestions … The Sunburnt Cow - 137 Ave. C, New York
  • The Essex 120 Essex St., New York


Snack food/coffee places:

  • Make sure you check out an ice cream parlour called Cold Stone- get one of the specials- like Birthday cake or something and watch how it's made- yum and cool - between 7th and 8th Aves, 253 W. 42nd Street
  • Go to Rice to Riches, a cool Rice pudding cafe- you should check it out.37 Spring Street between Mott and Mulberry St.
  • It might be a bit on the cold side now, but the Boat Basin is an excellent spot to sit by the river, people watch, eat, drink. W. 79th St. at Henry Hudson Pkwy., New York


  • My favorite shopping spots are in Nolita. Great bookstores, little boutiques, etc. Spring St, Mott, Mullberry, Prince. All fantastic.



  • Inoteca - It’s my favorite place. Amazing service, great Italian food, etc. You can choose to sit upstairs and order off the menu, or go downstairs for a pre fix thing for a group of 10+. 98 Rivington St., New York
  • Il Bastardo - 191 Seventh Ave., New York
  • Firemans, a hidden little hotspot - End of Freeman Alley, New York
  • There are so many great places along Amsterdam and Columbus such as Freds - 476 Amsterdam Ave., New York
  • Freds - 476 Amsterdam Ave., New York
  • Calle Ocho - I think they have some specials on Thurs nights?? 446 Columbus Ave., New York
  • Totally forgot about this place. Such a cool spot! La esquina Brasserie and Tequilla bar. 114 Kenmare St., New York 


  • I usually go to the Stanton Social’s upstairs bar for a drink before or after dinner. This is also a great place for dinner. It’s not ridiculously expensive and it’s a bunch of tapas, so you get to try a lot of great stuff ie: French onion soup balls. 99 Stanton St., New York
  • If you’re into the beer/wine bar scene check one of these places out. They have three bars in the city – Tribeca (my favorite), Soho, and West village, Another room 249 West Broadway, New York
  • Prohibition - perfect to stop into on your way home, can often turn into quite the late night out. 503 Columbus Ave., New York
  • Bin 71 is an excellent little wine bar. Perfect for a drink before dinner or a happy hour w/ some little nibbles. 237 Columbus Ave., New York
  • Dive 75 - great little bar, I mean … it has board games! 101 W. 75th St., New York



  • Always take some form of ID with you.
  • Don't bother visiting Magnolia Bakery- it's so expensive and a waste of time- when we went there wasn't even that much to choose from and the queues were outside the door.
  • Do lots of sightseeing during the day, have dinner and rest before going out as the clubs properly kick off after 11pm and it's not worth it to go early.
  • Woman out there are really conservative when they go out at night- it's all high heels, little black dressed and such
  • Check timeout to see what you can get into for free. You don't have to pay to visit the MET- just a voluntary contribution and the MOMA is free on friday afternoons- expect to queue though if you want to go in. I also like the Gugenheim Museum- not sure about the price.