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Tuga em Londres

A vida de uma Lisboeta recentemente Londrina.

Encontrar o flatmate perfeito em Leicester Square

Boas notícias para quem está 'a procura de casa em Londres. Uma vez por mes o website organiza um encontro, na discoteca Sound em Leicester Square, entre pessoas que procuram novos "flatmates". O objectivo é que as pessoas que procuram casa e as que tem casa ou quartos disponíveis se conhecam num só local de forma descontraída, para tentarem identificar se se vao dar bem a viver juntos. Aqui fica a notícia sobre o próximo evento a decorrer no dia 22 de Julho:


Avoid Tenant Terror This Summer!     17 Jul 08


The Flat Night Fever sketches show you how to avoid those flatmate horror stories.
This July Londoners are invited for a one night show stopping performance with On Tuesday 22nd July international flatmate-finding experts are putting on a production of flatmate comedy horror sketches to explain to you how they can help you avoid living with the housemate from hell.
With the credit crunch upon us more and more people are renting accommodation. The prices to rent on your own in London are sky high so sharing with like-minded individuals who are in the same boat is the perfect answer to all your worries. prides itself on ensuring you find the right person to live with so you can go from being new flatmates to lasting friends.
Flat Night Fever which is held every month in Leicester Square aims to provide the metropolitan people of London the opportunity to meet their perfect housemate without the stress of travelling all over town. Potential roommates, landlords and tenants all attend the event so everything you need to make the deal is all under one roof, saving you time and money.
This Tuesday the EasyRoommate actors will open the event with three comedy sketches of flatmate horror stories. The sketches will cover the stress and woes of trying to find a flatmate to the disasters that can occur when people are just simply incompatible no matter how hard they try to get along. The sketches will be followed by an explanation of how to avoid such situations by using Flat Night Fever as only genuine, interested customers attend the event allowing you to avoid those irritating timewasters.
Karim Goudiaby the Managing Director of states “Having the flatmate horror sketches at Flat Night Fever is the perfect way for everyone to relax and meet each other. Comedy is one of the best ways to relieve stress and what better way to meet someone who could be your perfect housemate than with a smile. It is the perfect opportunity for to portray their professional yet fun approach to flat finding.”
The EasyRoommate horror sketches will be performed at Flat Night Fever on Tuesday 22nd July at Sound, 1 Leicester Square. So why waste precious time and money answering individual ads when Flat Night Fever makes sure that the right people are in the right place at the right time for you whilst giving you all the information you could need to find that perfect flatmate.